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What is the YouTube video title?

The YouTube video title is essential to get more views, boost your subscribers, and grow a highly profitable YouTube channel.

Importance of YouTube video title

You can estimate its importance with the fact that when a user sees your video in a search result, they decide whether to watch your video or not by just seeing the title. Your title is the summary of your video that what your YouTube video is about, and this is why YouTube gives importance to the keywords you use in a title.

How should YouTube video titles be?

The title should be unique, attractive, less than 100 characters and consist of keywords or most searched words.

How to write a YouTube video title?

There is much costly software available for the selection of YouTube titles. But I will tell you how to write the title of a YouTube video without any software and by using just YouTube itself. For the good titles of YouTube videos, it is necessary that high searched keywords must be available in the title

How to find high searched volumes keywords?

Whenever you write anything in the search bar of the YouTube video, YouTube tries to complete it. These are the autofill words. These are the most searched words on YouTube, and you can use these words for the title of the YouTube video. To use these autofill words, divide the title into three parts. The first part should be based on the main keyword for which you want to rank your video or the most searched word on YouTube. In the second part, make a sentence using that keyword and in the third part, write a particular title that displays your video in search results.

Steps to make YouTube video title

First of all, open google chrome in incognito mode, so your searched words would not appear and open YouTube. Write the relevant term in the YouTube search bar; for instance, write PowerPoint, then YouTube will give suggestions or autofill words that are most searched. Now make any one keyword from those words. Make a Microsoft word document and write that keyword and add a colon like (PowerPoint:) in the second part, make a sentence using the main keyword, for instance, PowerPoint slides transitions, in the third part, write the name of your YouTube channel or any specific word that differentiate your videos from others. For instance, PowerPoint slides transition without clicking and make sure the title would not exceed 100 characters, but it should be clear and concise.

Tips for writing YouTube titles

  • The length of the title should be sufficient. It is neither too short nor too long means it should be less than 100 characters.
  • Capitalize each word in the title because it grabs more attention compared to lower case and is easy to read.
  • Highlight one word in your title by writing that word in upper case. For instance, EASY, FAST, GROW and much more that are relevant to your title.
  • Use the word video in your title because your video will pop up in search results when users search on google search.

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